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Box 2-2-1634 126,124, & 122 Noel Rd
  On January 17, 1993 then first due engine 203 responded to a verbal alarm for a fire in a 2-story wood frame private dwelling with reports of people trapped. Upon arrival the original fire building, 126 Noel Rd, was fully involved and the Exposure 4 address 124 Noel Rd was more than halfway invloved. The crew of the first due engine made an aggressive interior attack on the #1 floor of the original fire building where the civiliams were reported to be trapped. The occupants of the 2 adjoing addresses and the #2 floor were evacuated by neighbors prior to our arrival. The streets were under construction for new sewers and hydrants were failing around the buildings, loosing valuable pressure and eventually pushing out mud, sand and rock. BC and FDNY units worked vigorously to save the trapped occupants but unfortunately two 10-45's were pulled out of the first floor, unable to be ressucitated.  
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