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Broad Channel Volies Host Memorial Ceremony

The Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department held its annual Memorial Day ceremony at its firehouse on Monday.



Fighting Fires For Free

The New York City Fire Department won't come and rescue your cat out of a tree. They won't drive you from Queens to a hospital in Westchester County. But, luckily for the residents of one small Jamaica Bay island, the Broad Channel firefighters will.



Broad Channel Volies Join Blood, Sweat And Tears

A number of members of the Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department recently went on stage at the Westbury Music Fair to join singer David Daylon-Thomas of the famous rock group, “Blood, Sweat and Tears,” The concert was part of a celebration of New York City’s first responders and some of them joined Thomas in singing “Lights of Broadway.” Pictured, the volies singing with Thomas.



NY1 For You: Chelsea Hair Salon Helps Victims Of 9/11

Immediately after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, countless individuals and small businesses found ways to lend a helping hand to those affected by the disaster. But now, over a year later, one local business owner is offering support to those still suffering. NY1’s Susan Jhun has that story in the latest “NY1 For You” report.



Volunteer Firefighters On The Front Lines For Two Tragedies

Volunteer firefighter Ed Wilmarth says it was deja vu. He was in the same place when he got the calls to respond to the World Trade Center attack and to the crash of American Airlines Flight 587.



NY1 For You: Volunteer Firefighter, Injured After 9/11, Still Seeking Help

With all the attention given to the firefighters who were down at the World Trade Center on September 11, little is ever heard about the volunteer firefighters who were right there beside them.



NYC Volunteer Fire Ranks Swell

In the city with the best-known fire department in the world, small volunteer fire companies have earned a distinction of their own since the Sept. 11 attacks.



NY1 For You Follow-Up: Volunteer Firefighter Receives Help For Medical Bills

A few weeks ago, NY1 introduced viewers to the firefighter from the Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department, who was injured while part of an ambulance rescue team on September 11, 2001.



More Line Up To Be Volunteer Firefighters In Queens

Half of the city's 10 volunteer fire departments are in Queens and since September 11, these departments said they've been inundated with men and women wanting to become volunteer firefighters. NY1’s Ruschell West has more.



Raging Brush Fire Threatens BC, A-Line

A raging brush fire swept through the marshlands at Gateway National Park on Cross Bay Boulevard Wednesday night, threatening homes in Broad Channel and service on the A Subway line, as well as birds and vegetation at the world-renowned Gateway Bird Sanctuary.


Articles 111 to 120 of 128
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