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Title : Beach Comber
Author : Columnists
Date : 2011-10-07
Article : In 2004, we walked the streets of Broad Channel with Hillary Clinton, who was then our Senator. Clinton, who was there to memorialize the Korean War, was taken with the community and the fact that the volunteer firefighters played such a vital part in community life. Looking at the dilapidated firehouse on Noel Road, then almost 100 years old, she promised the volies a new firehouse. Over the next few years, Clinton and then-Representative Anthony Weiner worked to find the money. A rider to the Omnibus Transportation Bill in 2008 gave the volies the money, but the city refused to sponsor the construction, something that was necessary before the project could go forward. The bottom line was that the city’s fire department squashed the deal, basically saying that the volies were not necessary and that the money for a new firehouse would be wasted. Audrey Pheffer finally got the state’s dormitory authority to sponsor the group, and now the project is on track for community review. Let’s hope the long road is finally coming to an end.

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