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The Broad Channel Junior Fire Department, created to assist the  Broad Channel Volunteers, Inc., in protecting the life and property of Broad Channel residents, by means of dispatching emergency calls, covering the firehouse, and aiding in any way possible, maintain the  building and its prestige, to an extent that all members are proud to be such.
The Junior Department also known as the  "Backbone of the Department"  also attends all  Senior Special Detail's including Parades,  Drills & Memorial Services.
The Broad Channel Junior Fire Department is also involved  with the Boy Scouts of America Venture Post #069.  As members of Boy Scouts the Junior Department attend  all Round Post Meetings and all Fundraising Events held  set forth the Boy Scouts of America.

The Broad Channel Junior Department allows teenagers interested in the fire and/or  Emergency Services to receive training in first aid and firefighting. While they are not allowed to respond to actual calls, the "juniors" assist with clerical, dispatch duties, and fundraising.


Junior members can join the senior department at the age of seventeen provided they have met the requirements set forth by the junior department and the senior membership approves the request at the monthly meeting of the senior department.

Membership Requirements: Applicant has reached 11th birthday. Applicant will be interviewed by members of the Junior Department and recommendations will be submitted at the monthly general membership meeting. The Members of the Junior Department will then vote on the application.